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LINKS to other appropriate sites:


     Click on the highlighted web address to go direct to the site concerned. 

  • Ant Hill Wood: An excellent UK based site with plenty of interesting information on ants.
  • Ant Hill World Forum: The largest UK based ant forum which was founded in 2006. Members are welcome from all around the world.
  • Myrm's Ant Nest: An interesting site for everyone wanting to learn more about these fascinating creatures. Includes an active forum.
  • Queen Ant Shop: A site offering a range of easy to keep species which are indigenous to the UK - and very nice handmade formicariums.
  • antARK: An easy reading introduction to Myrmecology - the study of ants. Discover amazing ant facts, different species, ant life and more. Complete with fascinating videos and photos.
  • Eusozial: A German forum about keeping tropical ants, wasps and termites.

All links have been checked and are active - February 2013.


     Please let us know if you find any other external links that would be of interest.